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Alma lua is inspired by women, their differences, their similarities. I was keen to create this page to present and honor these women whom I admire and who inspire me.

I hope they inspire you to follow your dreams as well.


Sarah: I first met Amy on a cold morning in Paris. I was tired of always running, I had a lot of work… Her creative and danced Gipsy Flow class carried by the scent of incense, inspiring music and a head massage as an end of class gift, instantly plunged me into a state of total well-being.

We got to know each other better. We recognized ourselves, with many things in common.

Yoga and meditation teacher, dancer, surfer, animal friend, attentive to the environment,

Amy is an inspiring person. With Gypsy and Co, his webzine , it offers creative content around well-being and meditation ritual boxes. A great idea for an interior journey when you have been confined for a long time!

I want to know more about her and share her story with you.

What is your background ?

Amy: I am a dancer by training, classical / modern jazz.

I had a free adolescence, very little framed, in a festive environment. My dance teachers felt I had to pull myself together and suggested that I take yoga classes. I realize that the body is not just a working tool. I am learning to breathe.

At the same time, I work in fashion, at Chanel. I have always been interested in the costume, its history, the cinema.

Yoga is taking up more and more of my life. I am training in India. I evolve with my practice and my postural yoga takes on a more spiritual dimension.

I am leaving the world of fashion. I travel, to Bali and Morocco, while teaching yoga, mainly with the surfing community. I accompanied an international surfer in her rehabilitation after ligament surgery. I prepared him, with yoga, for the resumption of competition. This support gave me legitimacy with surfers. I knew their sport to practice it, the physical tensions inherent in the practice of surfing and I knew how to provide solutions through yoga. After a great experience at the surf academy, my husband and I created a surf camp in Taghazout in Morocco. We offer Surf and Yoga retreats.

The eternal question of legitimacy! Why, how to apprehend it? I also feel this blockage and we are many to slow down or abstain because of legitimacy

Amy : Yes, I too find it difficult, sometimes, to manage my legitimacy. I don't think you ever feel 100% legitimate. At the same time, I think it's good to know how to question yourself and let go of your ego. Today, with experience, I find my legitimacy in the smile of my students at the end of the course, in their satisfaction.

How do you find your inspiration? Do you scrupulously prepare your lessons or do you let yourself be carried away by the movement?

Amy: At the beginning, I prepared my course for a whole day. Today, I know better the expectations of my students, of each group of students. I use the basic flows and I regularly add new things.

What is your philosophy of life?

Amy: I feel good in nature. I really like the ocean. I feel good in the water even if there is no wave!

I am very sensitive to animal protection and the environment.

Vegetarian, I prefer local shops, small producers.

I am going to leave the Parisian frenzy and return to my region of origin, the east of France, to find nature. I have lots of projects in mind, some with your Alma Lua brand by the way.

With pleasure ! To know more about you Amy and to conclude;

If you were...

A music : Jimmy Hendrix; The Beatles; Amy Winehouse; 70s music

A book : Hippie by Paolo Coelho

A movie : Grease. He makes me happy. I know it by heart.

A routine : Breathing in the morning to help me get up. I'm not a morning person. Meditation in the evening to fall asleep.

A place : Taghazout in Morocco, my secret surf spot.

A flower : A hydrangea, but also a Japanese chrysanthemum that I had tattooed on my arm. For me they are the flowers of rebirth, of Indian summer.

Animal: A friend would say lion, but I can also be a fish for water or maybe a raccoon both in water and on land.

Sunrise or sunset: Sunset and also moon that I wear in tattoo.

A yoga mat, a print: The Lisboa flowers of Alma lua. He is magnificent. It's hard to choose. They are all very beautiful your rugs!

Thank you Amy for this sweet shared moment.


Photos: Sarah Witt

Sarah : Anouk is a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur. It is one of the four muses of Alma lua. She presents the Bloom Way rug.

I discovered your universe, two years ago, via your podcasts that I devoured. Podcasts with life paths that help us love ourselves, accept ourselves, make our dreams come true.

Alma lua was still only in my head.

I recognized myself in your podcasts because I too wanted to make my dreams come true, to travel.

I am very happy that you accepted to be an Alma lua muse because you inspired me a lot and you still continue to do so!

I followed you on social media. You live in Biarritz, I too wanted to meet you to talk about you and the Bloom Way rug.

Your life before yoga, during and after?

Anouk : I followed graduate studies in Marketing and Communication in Australia, finalized by an internship in a surf club. The stuff everyone dreams of, cool people, cool surroundings.

Nice on the outside, but inside I didn't feel good. My entourage did not understand. There was a lag. I had this realization early on, I was 21, which is lucky! At the time, we talked less about personal development, there was less sharing on social networks, it was scary!

I then turned to yoga (10 years ago). It was the beginning of yoga in Europe. It was "less fashionable". I fall in love with my roommate, Ashtanga teacher. My life finds another way. In addition to my internship in marketing, to earn my living, I am a surf teacher.

When do you change lanes?

Surf teacher in Australia, I work with small groups. The atmosphere is very pleasant. I am in the sun in a swimsuit. An exotic side, very nice vacation.

Back in France, I teach yoga and surfing in an English school, my diploma acquired in Australia not allowing me to teach in French structures. The group of students is large, the world on the waves, 8h non stop.

This job requires a lot of energy from me, Yang energy: Carrying heavy loads, moving equipment quickly… which does not suit me.

We have great surf schools in France and teachers to whom I take my hat off, but we don't teach in the same way as abroad. I did not find myself in this universe. It wasn't for me.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Anouk: I lived in Chamonix. Far from the cities, their hyper stimulation and their cultural attractions ...

I have a sensitive personality. I need to reconnect with myself, to find calm. It is in nature that I find this appeasement. A neutral space, connected to simple things that really bring you back to you.

I am sensitive to Feng Shui, Vastu, spatial planning in India. A space created by man but to feel like in nature.

I am sensitive to what is made by man and which is close to nature. I must feel the vibrations of nature!

Like you for example, Sarah, you have a sensitivity, an artistic soul, your carpet uses natural products. You put your heart into it.

What are your fears and your blockages? Especially at the start of your projects? What are your tips?

Anouk : I started individual coaching in Bordeaux 4 years ago. I felt it was for me when it was rather new in France.

Fortunately, I had traveled, I saw that others were also embarking on coaching, especially abroad. Speaking English is a chance. It is an openness that allows you to discover other states of mind by going to draw information from all over the world.

Every time I am afraid when I undertake, but I think that vulnerability is a strength.

During my last class, I was teaching future yoga teachers, I told them that I was afraid of their judgment, of not being up to the task. They were astonished and also reassured.

My conclusion is that fear is always.

If you don't feel fear, it's because you're not in the right place, you're too much in your comfort zone, doing the same thing all the time.

I try to ask myself the question every day: How do I get out of my comfort zone today? Do something that scares you every day.

Emotionally it's hard, you're afraid of being rejected, judged, but it's so constructive.

I was scared before starting this live! and finally things are going really well.

Sarah : yes if you stop being afraid it means that you stop worrying about things and therefore it is that you no longer do things with your heart

Anouk and Sarah : Conclusion: Let's be afraid !!!

Anouk: And also life is short.

Every day is an opportunity to live and make even our simplest dreams come true.

Example, I have a scoop, I have the dream of singing. I like to sing.

I was inspired by yoga teacher Megan Currie who released a record. I too would like to do that! What could be the start of this dream?

Just take a moment to sing along. This is the start of the dream. There now, at the end of this live.

And also I would like to pass my AIDA 4! I will start my freediving training.

Sarah : We must not wait. The perfect moment does not exist.

Anouk: yes, start now, life is short.

What is your philosophy of life?

I like the title of the book The subtle art of not giving a fuck? = the art of not giving a damn

Our first block is the fear of the judgment of others.

What if I don't give a damn about what other people think?

It's not easy, it's still scary but it changes the dynamics of my day.

What are your plans ?

1 Surf immersion retreat with surf coaching. A week in Portugal from May 12 to 17.

2 Goddess retreat with a friend, at the end of May, for women, to gain self-confidence.

3 Soulful Retreat in June, in Biarritz, with artist friends.

and ... another project

I want to offer yoga training with a group connection or self-connection inspiration. 3/4 days. September or October 2021

A few questions to better understand you

A music : by Ibrahim Maalouf, super handsome, something that wins you over, that inspires contemporary movements

Delivered : Yvon Chouinard - Let my people go surfing

Great if you are an entrepreneur. Mega inspiring. Full of ideas. The book to read.

Movie : The greatest showman

Routine : Walk. I make small circuits wherever I am. I make the place my own.

Location : Tea Tree Bay Beach, Noosa, Australia. In a national park. Memories with friends, animals, surfing. Tea tree lake colored in red by the leaves of tea trees. Therapeutic benefits on the skin. Aboriginal women gave birth to their children in these lakes.

Flowers: Mimosa. Improbable flower. Bright yellow winter flower that smells good.

Printed: This is the Bloom way. He is too beautiful. Full of details. I used it yesterday. Ideal for hands and feet. Very pleasant. Hyper cannon.

Mantra: A poem that I discovered after a class in Bali. I was discovering the world of yoga and I found my place there.

Don't let anyone hold you back on your journey,
neither rabbi, nor priest, nor mother
who would like you to dig in search of treasures
that she even lost, neither father
who will not let one life be enough,
nor lover who would measure his worth
by what you will give up,
no voice that would tell you in the night
it cannot be done.
Don't let anything deter you
to see what you see
or feel the winds that give you
want to dance alone
or to go there or nobody
never went.
You are the only explorer.
Your heart, an illegible compass.
Your soul, the promise of a shore
too good to ignore.

Marc Nepo.

It's a poem that suits you so well, it's the energy that you convey.

Thank you for your intensity, Anouk. Thank you for believing in life, all the time

If you want to know more about Anouk, podcast with Victoria from Nouvel Oeil which is awesome!

Photos: Sarah Witt ❀


Photos: Sarah Witt ❀

Sarah: Laure is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur. It organizes “Ocean Therapy” wellness stays in the Basque Country and in the Landes.

I chose her as Alma lua's muse because we share the same values: benevolence, authenticity, naturalness. Laure's particularity is to always have tips for everything, which she generously shares :)


Laure: I come from a sporty family in connection with nature and the ocean, with a mother and a grandmother very concerned with nutrition, organic, which was innovative for the time!

I moved away from these concepts during my studies in marketing and communication and during my first job in Paris, in wines and spirits. Lots of Parisian evenings but also a lot of work and an intense rhythm.

I was looking for a routine to calm myself down. I then resume sport and a more "healthy" diet.

At the same time, I am starting my blog Santa Mila, in homage to my grandmother, Mila Santa Cruz with advice on nutrition and sport.

I like the city and to party but I also like to eat healthy, the nature and the ocean.

I did a lot of running to relieve the daily stress. I hurt myself regularly, way too much. My osteopath, during a first consultation, immediately spotted the blockages. I note that on my side, I do not know my body.

I then start yoga. I was very stiff. I almost gave up. My body lacked flexibility and I found it difficult to sit still on a mat.

I hung on, my advice is to multiply the classes and the teachers to find the yoga that suits you at the beginning. Subsequently, we evolve in his approach. We quickly see an evolution in mobility: we find the mobility of his childhood! I finally knew how to take care of my body and feel the benefits of breathing, stay still, in well-being.

Yoga is not a sport but a way of life.

What were your brakes and your doubts during your professional retraining?

Laure: I dreamed of going further in yoga. I wanted to get into wellness, but I felt illegitimate. I found myself too stiff, I did not dare to do a training.

However, I was professionally available, I had good marketing skills, I liked to share, but I got stuck.

I lived entrepreneurship with intensity, always thoroughly, always on top but losing my personal balance.

It was at this time that my grandmother left us. I hadn't seen it coming. This huge loss kicks me in the buttocks. I decide to do what I had at the bottom of my heart. My grandmother left in December. With the support of my boyfriend, in January, I went, alone, to Bali. I needed this experience alone, to find myself, to write, to meet new people.

When I returned, I was ready to undertake, with a search for a personal work-life balance and a way to connect to the ocean.

Can you tell us about the connection you have with the Ocean?

Laure: I have always lived near the ocean. I moved around a lot as a child, but our anchor point was the family home in the southwest, in Vendée.

The ocean calms me down. The movement, the infinite, the sound of the waves… It is a blessing for the mind. We come from there. This is the present moment. Its colors change, its movements are mesmerizing, its salty taste… everything is conducive to meditation. We need it so much.

The ocean is a makeover, a vitamin cure. Man comes from the ocean. A bath in the ocean recharges us with trace elements and mineral salts.

Even in winter, soaking your feet and legs in the ocean, without immediately rinsing off, brings a lot of benefits.

A good walk by the ocean or seaside is also very effective because it is rich in oxygen supply.

… Or even Ocean Therapy. :)

Your benevolent advice to follow your dreams? And advice for mamatobe?

Laure: Getting to know each other, taking moments for yourself, without a cell phone. Slow down. Find out what feels good. To try to eliminate as much as possible what is toxic. Stress destroys us.

In his job, for example, to assess the pros and cons. Remain vigilant about a work-life balance. Find and write down what makes us happy and unhappy and at the same time adjust with possible compromises.

Do not give up on a whim but make plans for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, to find your ideal: place, job, family and readjustment. It might take a long time. It took me 7 years to come back to live by the sea!

For mamatobes, pregnancy is an ideal time to spontaneously listen to your body, to what makes us feel good. Personally, I calm down naturally. I'm doing my baby good.

What yoga inspires you?

Laure: I do not have a classical course. I took a lot of lessons with many teachers. I mix what inspires me.

For example I have two routines. Morning: miracle morning: dynamic + meditation with themes such as letting go, surpassing oneself, believing in yourself. Self-centered yoga. In the evening: sweet night: yin yoga, gentle to release tension and bring relief after a busy day. Yoga focused on the outdoors.

A few questions to get to know you even better:

Music: Paspatou - Parra for Cuva

Delivered : Surf his life by Laird Hamilton

Movie : the documentary Given, possibly on Netflix. Ode to the ocean told of a child who traveled with his parents from birth. Very poetic.

Routine : Yoga miracle morning and Yoga Sweet night. In the morning: brush my tongue to remove toxins, go for a walk, a shower and I go to work. In the evening: stretching while listening to podcasts.

Location : places of Ocean Therapy, Erretegia beach in Bidart, Morocco, cut off from the world. The mineral decorations.

Flowers: H i biscus, wild flowers near the ocean.

Sunset or sunrise: I am a groundhog. Rather sunset. I like aperitifs at sunset.

Sun or moon: I like the sun or rather the sunset between 5 and 6 p.m. when everything is pink and the moon comes and lights up the landscape.

Sarah : yes, we have this chance here to enjoy these superb sunsets.

I invite you to come and discover them during an Ocean Therapy stay with Laure.

Laure: yes we have Ocean Therapy every month. With you, Sarah and your pretty Alma lua rugs, as an ambassador in May, July and other dates to come.

Thank you Laure for this Ocean Therapy immersion during your first stay in 2021. A little sunny break.

If you want to know more about Laure, find her podcasts on her site * Santa Mila * and her book Ocean Therapy!

Photos: Sarah Witt ❀



Oriane is a very creative yoga teacher (a mix of yoga and contemporary dance, BALM), and also a "wellness activist", on her blog "Happy lifestyle", she offers podcasts, recipes and a shop with a small selection of artisanal products 0 waste.

We met in Paris a few years ago. We both lived in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. I was attending a Yoga studio, the Keller House. Place that made me fall in love with yoga.



I started yoga in 2004 with the DVD "Yoga for Dummies". At the time, we talked less about yoga, there were not so many classes. I am interested but not passionate.

Since the age of 5, I mainly do a lot of classical dance, which has given me a good knowledge of the body and movement.

I was thinking of opening a School, becoming a professional or starting a company. It's a complicated period for me, I have projects but I won't go to the end because the environment is too competitive, the castings are stressful, it creates too many constraints ...

It was when I arrived in the 11th arrondissement of Paris that I really discovered yoga.

I work in the restaurant business, but above all I want to do a creative job. I make a lot of attempts but my lack of organization and brakes block my projects.

I'm in my 30s, fail after failure, I need help. I am looking for a solution and meet a somatotherapy therapist . I discover breathing, I work my breath. I reconnect with myself, regain confidence. This therapy lasted 1 year and a half. At the same time, I continue to practice yoga a lot.

As luck would have it, I have the opportunity to replace a teacher for floor barre and yoga lessons. I take the opportunity. Word of mouth creates a small, loyal community.

I understand and feel the expression of the body a lot. I am natural, sensitive, empathetic. I speak and love to transmit.

I then decide to go far and start intensive yoga training in India. Even if I don't like the training. I let go of my barriers and limits. I then find my place. Everything seems easy to me and I feel more legitimate with my diploma.

When I get back, I get started and offer courses, workshops and personal development.

I have two major axes of development.

  • Personal development through my therapeutic experience.
  • The movement, especially with vinyasa. The others seem too rigid to me. I like to understand the body through movement, that everyone understands and finds its movement to feel good because we are all different.

For 6 years, I have also been organizing retreats. Go for a few days in nature. Disconnect without constraint and rigidity.

I am also interested in food, the one that heals. I have always had digestion problems and I offer solutions for an anti-inflammatory diet.

I am often asked what yoga I teach. It's a mix of yoga and dance that didn't have a name.

I decided to call it BALM yoga. It is a yoga of healing not of performance.

B for Benevolence.

A for Atypical

L for Free, Liberator

M for Movement

I also created an e shop site with my creative, well-being and food products. Home made, 0 waste, natural. Everything can be eaten even the scrub! I love to create, I love to create for my students and Instagram.

What fears or blockages did you encounter when you started as a teacher?

Oriane: I didn't have a lot of it because it was all really quick after the yoga therapy and training. I had also seen a blog by Garance Doré and her interview with a yoga teacher in New York which proved that it was accessible.

I don't like framed environments, I need freedom, I don't like long training sessions.

Entrepreneurship is not what I want. I don't want too many constraints.

I don't want to be overwhelmed by the pace and the demands of today. I try not to be overwhelmed by the likes and the number of subscribers on social networks which give me stress.

But paradoxically, you have to adapt to be up to the task, make pretty presentations, be both a graphic designer and a teacher. I try to distance myself, to balance.

Can you explain to us what body mediation therapy is and how it has helped you?


She helped me find my way. It speaks to me even if I don't understand everything. For me there is a life before and a life after therapy. She freed me.

Somatotherapy or kinesiology is treatment, therapy by the body. We don't talk much. We make the body speak through singing, breathing, rebirths ...

The transgenerational analysis (trauma and unspoken things that have been in your cells for generations) has also helped me.

A few questions to get to know you even better:

Music: Sigur Ros

Delivered : Am I hyper sensitive? by Fabrice Midal

Movie : Into the wild

Routine : A smoothie with vegetable proteins in the morning, around 11 a.m.

Location : The forest

Flower: The peony or wild flowers of the fields

Your favorite carpet: Azulejos flowers. I love its colors, pink, ocher, blue. I love all of its colors. He is doing very well with me and I take him everywhere. These are my colors.

Sunrise or sunset: Sunset.

Animal: A cat or a panther. Supple, independent, "wild". I have a suspicious side like him!

Thank you for speaking with your heart Oriane.