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brick :
composition: 100% FSC certified cork (renewable material) and UV inks
origin: Portuguese cork, brick made in the Landes in France.
length: 22.5cm
height: 14 cm
depth: 80 cm
weight: 0.80 kg
practice & maintenance:
The brick is the essential accessory for a good yoga practice. She will accompany you in the search for balance, flexibility and help you to go further in the postures.
Perfect for evolving at your own pace, it is placed in the extension of a posture and helps to make it evolve and / or maintain it.
She will never leave you again. :)
The Marigold cork brick is very easy to clean. As with the yoga mat, all you need is a little warm soapy water (natural soap such as "Marseille soap" or "Aleppo soap").