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cornflower brick

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inspirations: The Sand dreamer print was born from a dream and a real and idyllic sandy beach with orange pink rocks: Praia de Almagreira. Sand under bare feet, soft sun on the skin, wind in the hair, ocean scent, symphony of waves, pink-turmeric atmosphere, Sand dreamer is a breath, a connection to the 5 senses and to let go.
Available in cinnamon & ocher for accessories.
composition: 100% FSC-certified cork (ensuring sustainable forest management) and UV inks
origin: Portuguese cork, made in Portugal
llength: 22.5 cm
height: 14 cm
depth: 8 cm
weight: 0.80 kg

practice & maintenance:
The brick is the essential accessory for a good yoga practice. It accompanies you in the search for balance, flexibility, helps you to go further and to work on the alignment in the postures.
Perfect for evolving at your own pace, it is placed as an extension of a posture and helps to develop and/or maintain it.
She will never leave you again. :)

The cork Marigold brick is very easy to clean. As with the yoga mat, all you need is a little warm water and Palmarosa flower soap from Alma lua, on a soft cloth, rub gently.