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Palmarosa carpet cleaning soap

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artisan solid soap:
Solid, ecological carpet cleaner & SOLID LAUNDRY!
4 ingredients only: coconut butter, earth of sommières, calendula flowers & Palmarosa essential oils.
Cold saponification, with love in the Pyrénées Orientales, by Leslie de Peau Douce Factory. The dried calendula flowers come from her own garden.

❀ With a little water, lather on a soft cloth and gently clean your mat.
In the event of a stain, using a soft sponge soaked in water and Palmarosa soap, gently wash the stain. Be careful never to use an abrasive sponge at the risk of damaging the mat.
Let it air dry before rolling your printed mat out. then Avoid leaving it too much in the sun so that it retains its pretty colors.

the little extra, solid cleaner:
You can also use Palmarosa soap to wash your clothes by hand . It's the perfect 2 in 1 to go on a trip!