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Carpet Lisboa flowers & bouquet Andarilha

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thickness: 4mm
weight: 2.7 kg (+/- 10%)
length: 183 x 68 cm
composition: eco-friendly natural rubber base (underside);recycled microfiber cover (top); water-based inks (greener process, chlorine-free).
allergens: this product is not suitable for people allergic to natural rubber or latex.

practical & maintenance:
For a long happy life together, at least once every two practices:
❀ Use Palmarosa soap from Alma lua with a little water, lather on a soft cloth and gently clean your mat.
In the event of a stain, using a soft sponge soaked in water and Palmarosa soap, gently wash the stain. Be careful never to use an abrasive sponge at the risk of damaging the rug.
Let it air dry before rolling your printed rug outwards.

bouquet of dried flowers:
dimension: height 55cm x width 30cm.
Bouquet of dried flowers with sunny colors of Portugal: terracotta, ochre, yellow, cream and pink.

Composed from dried flowers from France & Europe.
Fragile, no specific maintenance, the *Andarilha* bouquet lasts forever.
This bouquet of dried flowers is handmade with love by Tessa, creator of Atelier Grenadine, floral art workshop.