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Lisboa flowers yoga mat

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The "Lisboa flowers" print is in the image of Lisbon, a watercolor of pink, ocher, cream, brown, orange colors. Houses side by side, winding streets, warm colors magnified by the wind, the sun, the sea, life, flowers on the balconies, intertwined wrought iron ... Hand painted, this floral print, generous and warm, is inspired by this colorful, vibrant and authentic opulence. The use of watercolor reveals the subtlety of the colors and the natural movements of the drawing which make it a unique and artisanal print.


thickness : 4mm

weight: 2.7 kg (+/- 10%)

length: 183 x 68 cm

composition: eco-friendly natural rubber base (underside); recycled microfiber blanket (top); water-based inks (more ecological process, without chlorine).

allergens: this product is not suitable for people allergic to natural rubber or latex.

practice & maintenance:

Know that the more hydrated and wet your hands and feet will be, less your Alma lua yoga mat . If you tend to have dry extremities, moisturize them before practice. :)

For a long happy life together, at least once every two practices:

Use a natural dry soap, as less greasy as possible (Marseille soap type, Aleppo soap, etc.) with a little water, lather on a soft cloth and gently clean your carpet.

In case of stain, using a soft sponge soaked soapy water (same type of soap), gently wash the stain. Attention never use an abrasive sponge at the risk damage the carpet.

Allow to air dry before rolling up your printed rug outwards.

Avoid leaving it too much in the sun to keep its pretty colors.