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Create a brand, but not just any brand.
A brand that is inspired by nature and flowers, that takes care of our planet and that contributes in its own way to doing less but better.Alma lua is a flowery brand that grows as the flowers bloom.
Today it is impossible to ignore the environmental issues we face and it is our duty as a brand to make the choice to do well, to do better and to preserve the environment in which we are growing.

Do better, but how?

By being attentive to the materials we choose and the factories we work with.
By reasoning our production to create only durable pieces, which will travel with you through time.
By donating 1% of our turnover, through the collective 1% for the Planet and by supporting an association close to our hearts, One Voice Animals.

Alma lua belongs to the collective 1% for the Planet - Collective of entrepreneurs, individuals and associations mobilized for the Pplanet.

Our partner association - One voice animal.

When I imagined creating Alma lua, I gathered all the values ​​that were important to me and that I wanted to convey through my brand.
One of the most important values in my eyes: animal welfare.
My love for animals, their well-being and their preservation therefore naturally led me to the *One Voice Animal* association: a non-violent association that defends and fights without compromising, to defend animals.

So, for the whole of 2021, Alma lua is committing to donating a portion of its profits to the "10 tigers in a truck" campaign. (See @onevoiceanimal for more): support and help with the current and future costs of these ten tigers (meals , care, legal costs, transport) and help tigers find a softer life.
With the hope of being able to help more and more in the future.

Donating 1% of our turnover is particularly close to my heart.
Every day, one more step is taken to commit to the planet and to try to have the most nice impact possible.

Alma lua is committed to:
creating products that last.
to use eco-responsible, vegan and cruelty free materials.
to limit its carbon footprint .
to use recycled plastic and try to reduce as much as possible.
to always work with factories that are caring, aware and active in environmental issues.
to continue to create with love.