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Imagined on Portuguese roads and based in Biarritz, in the south-west of France, the story of Alma lua is flowery, lulled by the ocean, the sun and the scent of palmorasa.
Alma lua offers yoga mats, accessories and lounge wear clothing...
True hymns to the body, to movement, to nature, to fluidity and to "returning to oneself." »
Create a brand?...Create Alma lua?...yes! And above all think it with the heart, carry it out responsibly to preserve the environment that surrounds us, our beautiful Pachamama, our Mother Earth.

Who is behind Alma lua?

My name is Sarah.
A stylist by profession, I like to create, against a background of music with accents from elsewhere, fluid and poetic silhouettes, play with new color combinations, imagine prints that tell a story and above all add and accumulate small details, which make the garment exclusive.
Since the age of my first colored pencils, I have been drawing and superimposing tiny kaleidoscope-like patterns.
To this first love s adds my insatiable passion for yoga. A real love at first sight, for which I validated a Vinyasa Yoga training in 2019.
There is nothing comparable to this feeling of reconnecting with my body and my mind, when I unroll my mat, let natural, spontaneous and fluid movements take hold. The incessant search for space in each part of my body.
Combining my two worlds, my two loves, to create only one, is a dream that I see coming true through Alma lua.
It's a part of me that I want to see born and grow.

Values ​​at Alma Lua

  • Inclusiveness: at Alma lua, I want to highlight the difference and beauty of bodies. Alma lua is about finding confidence in comfort, beauty in movement and strength in your own skin.
  • The environmental cause: taking care of what surrounds us and what Pachamama (Mother Earth) offers us, day after day.
    It is important to me to work with benevolent factories that respect the environment. environmental, ethical, to use recycled raw materials, eco-responsible, organic, and to defend the animal cause, done with the partnership Alma lua x One Voice Animal.

  • Transparency: Alma lua is my story, a part of me where I try as best I can to transmit my values, my beliefs and my desires. Every day, little step by little step, I see this long-dreamed-of brand grow, thanks to you. You who are also part of the adventure and without whom Alma lua would not be possible.
    Growing together and making Alma Lua a brand close to its consumers, transparent and caring.
  • Production: I made the bet to work and produce my collections in a reasoned way and in small quantities.
    With this choice, I want to take another step for the environment by producing little, but well and ensuring that each product finds its person. No overconsumption or waste.


"No one sees what you see / even is they see it too." @itscarus

The magic I try to create through my creations is only possible by looking at the world around me with eyes wide open.
It is my eyes, my vision of the whirlwind of life, my feelings and my emotions that allow me to vibrate, to create.
I attract to me flowery souls who are sensitive to my universe, to my poetry and I invite them to come and take a journey with me, through Alma lua.

Everyone has their own magic within him/her.