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I choose, conscientiously, each material according to the specificities of the product that I create, in order to make it comfortable, adapted and as eco-responsible as possible.


The mats
The composition:
* eco-responsible rubber for the base (harvested from trees, rubber trees)
* microfiber made from recycled yarns (polyester), for the very soft part on which you will practice
* water-based ink, ecological process, for printing.

They are made in Asia.
Why so far away? because the Asian continent has the raw materials and the necessary know-how. I find the whole production chain there: raw materials, manufacturing, printing...

Certified Factory
It took me a while… and after a lot of research I selected a certified factory, my partner factory . It has the experience and certifications essential to produce responsible products:
- REACH and RoHS certification.
Regulations that protect human health and the environment against the risks associated with chemical substances. It also promotes alternative methods for assessing the hazards of substances in order to avoid animal testing.
- ISO 9001 certification which guarantees respectful and rewarding team management.

It was, in my opinion, essential to make all the carpets there.
I continue, however, to tirelessly seek alternatives to gradually bring production closer to Europe .

Everything you need for a serene yoga practice: bricks, mat covers, straps, solid soaps mat cleaner.
Made in Portugal or France.

Composition: 100% FSC-certified cork, made in northern Portugal.

Composition: 100% recycled polyester, material and manufacturing based in the North of France.

Soap bar (solid and ecological cleaner for carpets)
The composition: 4 ingredients only: coconut butter + terre de sommières + flowers calendula + palmarosa essential oil of course!

My experience: I have damaged a lot of carpets by cleaning them with products that are too aggressive, too greasy and impractical to use. So I had the idea of ​​a solid soap, the most natural possible, and the least greasy possible.
Leslie from Peau Douce Factory accompanied me and helped create this delicious Palmarosa soap, 100% handmade and cold pressed.

Carpet cover
Composition : organic cotton, GOTS certified, made in northern Portugal

What is GOTS Certification? The products marketed are checked as conforming to the GOTS specifications, guarantee guarantees all along the chain to the consumers.
The key guarantees are:

* production and processing respectful of the environment.
* Respect and Improvement of working conditions.
* Promotion of the use of organic fibers.
* Prohibition of hazardous inputs like toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.

Clothing/lounge wear

It was one of the biggest challenges for Alma lua: finding a comfortable material suitable for the movements for the practice of yoga and eligible for printing of the patterns

Leggings & bra
Composition: recycled AND biodegradable polyester + elastane for the stretch aspect, made in northern Portugal. OEKO-TEX certified

What is OEKO-TEX® certification? It has been valid worldwide since 1992. Standard 100 is one of the OEKO-TEX® certifications, it applies to all raw, semi-finished and finished textile products, at all processing stages and for all materials. The OEKO-TEX® system quickly identifies and eliminates potential sources of problem substances at every stage of processing. As soon as a textile product undergoes further processing or a change in its chemical composition occurs, an inspection is necessary.

Scarf & scrunchie
Composition: polyester and recycled polyester, made in northern Portugal.
Satin effect guaranteed!

It was also a long way to find the ideal material. The one that gives the illusion of silk without being silk. Indeed, Alma lua is a 100% vegan brand. Silk was therefore excluded.
As a big fan of scarves, I really wanted to keep the satiny, vintage and precious side of the silk squares to slip around the neck, in the hair, on the belt… and it's successful!


The materials will evolve over the themes, but I am committed to ALWAYS doing my best to find the best materials in order to help preserve our beautiful planet and create partnerships with workshops that share all my human and social values.