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❀ Créatrice ❀

❀ C r e a t o r ❀

Who is behind Alma lua? My name is Sarah.

Stylist by profession, I like to create, against a background of soaring music with accents from elsewhere, fluid and poetic silhouettes, play with new color associations, imagine prints that tell a story and above all add and accumulate small details , which make the garment exclusive.
Since the age of my first colored pencils, I have drawn and layered tiny kaleidoscope-style patterns.

To this first love, is added my insatiable passion for yoga. A real love at first sight, for which I validated a Yoga Vinyasa training in 2019.

I unroll my mat… and nothing compares to this sweet feeling of well-being. I reconnect to my body, to my mind, let natural, spontaneous, fluid movements settle in in the ceaseless search for space in each part of my body.

When I teach yoga, I love to follow a common thread, find creative transitions between each posture, choose music that responds to a theme that inspires me.

Mixing my two worlds, my two loves, to create only one, is a dream that I see come true through Alma lua.
It is a part of me that I want to see born and grow.

Photo: Claire Vergne ❀