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❀ Histoire ❀

❀ H istory ❀

“The story begins. Alma lua, yoga accessories and clothing for every day, with the scent of flowers, the sun and the ocean.

It all starts with the idea of reconciling two things that make me happy in life: creation (imagine, draw, assemble colors) and the yoga, which allows me to be fully connected to myself.

A trip is the trigger.

I travel around Portugal in a van, discover breathe, live at my own pace, make pretty encounters and realize that ... inspiration is in front of me: the sun, nature, the ocean, warm colors, the charm of Portuguese cities, wild beaches.

Alma, the soul, lua, the moon, is being born in my head and in my heart.

Alma lua is a dream of creating yoga clothes and accessories, those that I would like to wear, see live, made with recycled and eco-responsible materials.

A brand, thought with a lot of love, ethical, in accordance with who I am, my values and my desires.

I suggest that you embark with me in this new adventure! "


Photo: Júlíana Björt ❀