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❀ Packaging ❀

❀ P a c k a g i n g ❀

My chosen choice for the packaging: 100% biodegradable & recyclable.

It was very important to me to create Alma lua from A to Z in the best possible way for the planet… on my scale.

It was therefore obvious, for me, to choose packaging that was both pretty, in the bohemian and dreamy universe of the brand and 100% respectful of our beautiful planet Earth.

❀ The subject of waste is increasingly underlined and so much the better! ❀

It is important for me to contribute to this change in behavior by emphasizing communication on recycling methods and new biodegradable materials to be used.

Alma lua will continue to move in this direction and constantly seek information and find the best alternatives.

Save and protect the planet together ♥♥♥

❀ The mats and bricks are carefully packaged in recyclable, FSC-certified cardboard boxes. **

❀ Clothing and accessories will be in biodegradable corn-based envelopes. Space-saving, with the dreamlike design of the Sand dreamer print, they can even be reused if you carefully open your orders. It wouldn't be Alma lua if we didn't add little flowery and colorful details that make every order precious.

The personalized paper fabric, which wraps your orders, is environmentally friendly and FSC certified, acid-free, soy-based ink. **

The packaging tape is water activated, a greener alternative and FSC certified, acid-free, soy-based ink . **

The personalized paper stickers are durable and FSC certified, acid-free, soy-based ink . **

FSC certification

The FSC or the Forest Stewardship Council certifies that the paper products that make up our custom printed stickers come from a forest and a supply chain managed responsibly and sustainably. FSC forest management standards are developed internationally and then adapted to the legal, social and geographic contexts of each country through national standards.

Acid-free paper

Paper stickers are made from cellulose fibers where the active acid pulp is removed during processing. The pulp is also free of lignin and sulfur, which means our ink will not transfer from the stickers and the paper will not leave any of those chemicals rotting.


Soy inks are an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks. Based on soy, a renewable resource, soy inks are slower to dry than many inks. The process produces more vibrant colors and has the advantage of not rejecting petroleum-based products during decomposition. Soy inks have low VOC levels, which reduces air pollution during the drying process.